How To Resolve Air Conditioning Problems

There might be a problem with your air conditioning system if the air feels stagnant inside your property. From insulation issues to problems with the components, domestic cooling problems have numerous causes, and most are simple to repair. Here are some top tips for rectifying air conditioning problems without purchasing a new system.

Examine the Ductwork to see Whether it is Leaking

As time passes, ducts can start leaking, allowing cool air to travel through the floor and wall spaces. Such leaks frequently go undetected, but they can be discovered using a smoke pencil. Duct leak repair is a standard HVAC service. Thankfully, this service is quite cheap and can enhance your property’s air quality substantially.

Inspect Your Home for Insulation Issues

Occasionally, shoddy insulation can cause cooling issues. This is particularly common in properties that have not had their windows or doors upgraded. The value of some properties is linked to their historical integrity. If this describes your home, it might be wise to improve its insulation with weather stripping. This can be applied to closure points of the doors and windows to retain warmth indoors. Although this is not directly related to air conditioning, correct insulation methods can greatly impact cooling capacity.

Use Central air Conditioning Instead of Window Units.

It costs a fair amount of money to swap window units for a central air conditioning unit. However, this is a worthwhile investment. As well as cooling a property more extensively, central air conditioning can reduce your utility bills. A modern central air conditioning unit is legally required to have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of thirteen or more. On the other hand, window units are not regulated in this manner and frequently have ten or less efficiency ratings. If duct installation would compromise your property’s interior, installing one or several split ductless units might be the solution.

Carry out Regular Filter Changes

As filters remove dust from the air, they gradually become blocked with debris. Sometimes, they become so blocked that they obstruct the airflow and cause properties to warm up. You can change a filter yourself by reading the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Get the Thermostat Inspected

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause cooling issues, and this is easy for an HVAC engineer to fix. If the thermostat has to be replaced, this will not cost you much compared to other components.

Check the Refrigerant Inside Your Air Conditioning Unit

If it has insufficient refrigerant, your air conditioning system will not keep your property cool enough. Also, if this problem is due to leaking – as it normally is – the issue will get worse. It is more costly to replace a refrigerant reservoir than filling it up again when it becomes depleted. However, the total cost of refilling will quickly surpass the cost of replacement.

The above information will help you identify the cause of indoor cooling issues. However, it is no substitute for professional air conditioning advice. If your property is not cooling properly or wants an upgraded cooling solution, get in touch with an HVAC technician and arrange an appointment.

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